Commercial Paving

For New Jersey Business Owners

Keeping up with commercial asphalt maintenance is essential for your business. When customers come to your commercial property, your parking lot is the first thing they see. If they see cracks, potholes, or old and worn asphalt, they may be under the impression that you don’t keep up the quality of your property.

First Impressions

They could drive away from your property and leave because of their poor impression, or they could enter your business in a bad mood right when they walk in. Either way, the reaction wouldn’t be good. To avoid this negative impression, why not put your trust in EMPIRE PAVING. We can provide commercial asphalt sealcoating , blacktop repair, asphalt paving , parking lot maintenance, and any other parking lot repair service your parking area may require. 

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance

If your New Jersey business needs a commercial asphalt contractor, you can trust EMPIRE PAVING for any asphalt maintenance or repair. Our team of commercial asphalt experts are committed to making your business’ parking lot beautiful and safe. People directly relate the condition of your parking lot to the condition of your facility. A well maintained, safe property leads to higher occupancy rates, less turnover, and overall greater satisfaction.

New Parking Lot Construction

When looking to install a new asphalt parking lot, NJ business owners are faced with the question of whether to resurface or fully replace their existing lot. Resurfacing is different from sealcoating. Sealcoating is applying a protective sealer over existing asphalt. Resurfacing is installing asphalt over an existing parking lot. A resurfaced parking lot does not last as long as a replaced parking lot. When making this decision it is important for business owners to consider all of the options. EMPIRE PAVING is here to help.

EMPIRE PAVING does not CUT CORNERS! Our team of asphalt experts deliver an impeccable final product no matter how small or large your commercial pavement project may be.

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